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Okay, so this is perpetually out-of-date,
but its better than nothing.
I'm a 40 something divorced guy in SoCal, living solo life for
the first time in forever. I have three boys, Gareth, Derek
and Ronan, that I love immensely, best thing I've done
with my life. Just got a new place in the South Bay,
still getting moved in. Close enough to the beach
if we find time and things aren't as chaotic.
Amatuer photographer and try-hard gamer, former LARPer,
out of practice bike rider, who needs to fix that.
Working in phones and computers, currently as a
field support technician, for about 5 years now.
Who knows what comes next.
I'm sure there's a lot more to talk about but I don't have
a clue what else to say. That's it for now, I'll add more
when I'm feeling motivated. (hasn't happened yet!)
If you have any questions you may contact me

Not much new. What's new with you?
Ok, now what? Oh, yeah, work....

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