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Okay, so this is perpetually out-of-date,
but its better than nothing.
I'm a 40 something guy living in Southern
California with my girlfriend, Shari, and occasionally
my boys, Gareth, 20, and Derek, 16, and Ronan, 12.
We've got a comfy little place in Redondo Beach for now,
close enough to the beach if we find time to go.
Working in phones and computers, currently as a network
support and field technician, for about 4 years now.
Who knows what comes next.
I'm sure there's a lot more to talk about but I don't
wanna get TMI on a public page. That's it for now, I'll
add more when I'm feeling motivated. (hasn't happened
yet!) If you have any questions you may contact me

Not much new. What's new with you?
Ok, now what? Oh, yeah, work....

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